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 July 21, 2015 - Top 6 Picks of the Day

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PostSubject: July 21, 2015 - Top 6 Picks of the Day   Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:09 am

Dozens upon dozens of videos are released daily on YouTube, these are just 6 picks of some of the best looks.   
*The date of the picks is based on the publish date of the videos. 

Picks are listed from left to right, top to bottom.  *You can click the name of the video to visit.

Carli Bybel - Carli's results with the not new, but recently getting a lot of attention 'strobing' look, is gorgeous, of course.  She's just blessed with the kind of face that loves makeup and makeup obviously loves her.  Her skin looks like perfection and she positively glows in this tutorial.
"'STROBING Makeup Tutorial | DRUGSTORE"

Irene Madmud Khan - The entire look is boldness and drama.  Exotic and approachable.  Naughty and nice.  It's Beautiful.  
"Retro Plum Makeup | FULL FACE Tutorial ft./Pur Minerals"

Steph's Beauty05 - So pretty and perfect for day or night.  Her eye makeup is dramatic, but the pretty, mauve lips softens the look beautifully.  Gorge.
"Neutral Eye Look & Mauve Lips | ALL DRUGSTORE MAKEUP"

Karima McKimmie - There are two lip options in this tutorial and both are stunning.  I love the simple, classic
 makeup with the more dramatic and bold lips look.  She wears both beautifully.

"Cocktail & Wedding Guest Makeup Tutorial"

BeautyByCarla - I love an age appropriate makeup look, especially for school (call me old-fashioned).  
She looks like a beautiful, young adult - perfection.  It's soft, feminine and very pretty.  

"Back to School: Makeup Tutorial for Freshman! (9th Grade)"

Holly Rose - I think that the wonderful exaggeration of her lips in that bold, bright orange color paired 
with her pale features of her skin, hair and eyes is just enchanting and pretty.  

"GRWM * Lunch Date! * Matte Taupe Eyes * Bright Orange Lips"

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July 21, 2015 - Top 6 Picks of the Day
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