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 August 1, 2015 - Top 6 Picks of the Day

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PostSubject: August 1, 2015 - Top 6 Picks of the Day   Sun Aug 09, 2015 4:50 am

Dozens upon dozens of videos are released daily on YouTube, these are just 6 picks of some of the best looks. 
*The date of the picks is based on the publish date of the videos. 

Picks are listed from left to right, top to bottom.  *You can click the name of the video to visit.

mirellabellebeauty -  The shimmery, smokey eye is totally beautiful against her flawless skin.  The look is completed with a nude looking lip.  Beautiful!
"'Black Smoked Out Eyes & Highlighted Skin"

BeautyyBird - Absolutely one of her prettiest looks to date, I think.  
I love the colors she uses on her eyes and the softness of the entire look.  So pretty for Summer or any season!
"Summer Glam Makeup Tutorial"

Valentine Lewis - I'm a newbie to her channel, but glad I found her.  I'm such a fan of bold use of color - and this look has it.  It's bold, whimsical and so pretty!  
The yellow and green hues on her eyes are paired perfectly with a pretty, pink lip.  Love this look!
"Poison Ivy Green Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial"

cflowermakeup - I love the use of yellow eye shadows, and it's used so beautifully here.  It's bold, dramatic and truly beautiful.  
I love how the rest of the makeup is understated so that the focus is drawn to the eyes - Gorgeous!
"Easy Summer Yellow Tutorial | Full Face Minion Inspired Makeup"

Natalie Jane - I've said that I don't care how many subscribers one has, how old, what race - If I like a look - I like it.  I love the colors she uses on her eyes.  
It's a fun and playful, but also very pretty.  She's young, fresh-faced and I welcome her to YouTube!
"GRWM♡ Summer Makeup and Hair!"

Hayley Kassel - This look is just perfection.  She is a golden peach goddess!  Her skin is radiant, 
the golden peachy tone on her eyes and the lip color look made for her.  The look is absolutely stunning.
"Golden Peach Makeup Tutorial"

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August 1, 2015 - Top 6 Picks of the Day
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